Robotics and programming courses for 7-8 years old kids

During the online and in person courses the students dive in to the world of robotics and programming! They discuss interesting topics about the Space like example – different Space shuttle missions, what was the first animal in Space, etc. In the lessons the kids learn how to create their own robots or 3D models of them that are directly connected with missions from the course!

No prior preparation is required! The students learn new things that are then practiced through play and practice! This is the first level and it is for beginners.

The lessons will be in English! The students are required to speak English.

Few things from our courses:

– 3D modelling.
– Commands for movement in different direction.
– Programming robots.
– Usage of different programming instructions like: switch, loop, etc.
– Various mechanisms related to objects from the surrounding world.

Check the whole curriculum here.

During the course we explain in simple language what is sound, what is light, what is rotation and many other interesting and important physics and mathematics definition. Some of the interesting facts are:

  • – Is there a difference between cosmonaut and astronaut?
  • – How ultrasound works?
  • – What is the story of the forgotten astronaut Michael Collins?
  • – Who made the first space walk?
  • and many more!

The complexity of the lessons is compliant with the student’s age!

Programming for kids

There is a lot of profits for kids in learning programming from early age! We use custom made curriculum for students of age 7 to 13.

The programming language for the robots is visual and specially developed by LEGO for robotics and programming classes. It is used in many schools and universities. It uses basic concepts like wait, switch, loop, function, etc.  With its help students can intuitively understand and create working algorithms. After finishing the class everything that the students have learned creates a good base for professional development in IT!

The video shows program that makes the robot move constantly until an obstacle is detected at less than 20 cm. When this happens the robots stops and using the input data from the color sensor decides to go back or to make a sound that moving is not possible! The whole functionality is closed in a loop and it is repeated forever.

Knowledge that is acquired:

  • Knowledge in: mathematics, physics, IT and different science topics
  • Basic programming knowledge
  • Basic knowledge in robot design

Skills that we develop:

  • Creativity
  • Logic thinking
  • Spatial thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork

Parents about us:

„Wonderful team, very patient with the kids and with questions that make them learn new thing! The kids attend their classes with great pleasure!“

– Vesela Asparuhova

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Free DEMO Lessons

If you are wondering if the courses are suitable for your kid, you can check our Free DEMO lessons. You can see our schedule


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Available places


Discounts, duration and payment – click here

Available places

Discounts, duration and payment

The course is from Monday to Friday or during the weekend.

Siblings have 25% discount from the lower price.

* When the slots for the classes are full, we can register you as a substitution for it.

** The minimum size of the class is two students! „Robotika Academy“ reserves the right to cancel groups and relocates students after talk with parent/ guardian.

*** The groups during the weekends are split in two parts – First part and Second part. A level could be finished if a student finished both First and Second part.

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